Pop-up Field Lab

Field Lab 4. Sheffield Hallam University

In September 2011 students and staff at Sheffield Hallam University were invited to take part in the first experimental “pop-up” What’s In My Stuff? field lab. Constructed in a public space within the university the lab created an environment where individuals could engage and participate through an interactive experience. The challenge was to deconstruct a mobile phone into as many pieces as possible. Used phones of various vintages were provided along with the tools to dismantle them and equipment to magnify and record the components that were revealed inside.

Individuals that entered the lab to deconstruct a phone generally fell into three camps. Those who had no practical hands on skills who found even using a screwdriver a challenge but enjoyed the experience, those who had an inquisitive approach and enjoyed the physical process of handling materials and discovering something new and of course the techno guys who revelled in the challenge of cataloguing what everything did.

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Creative Jewellery Making

Carbon (C 6)

The intention of the What’s In My Stuff? project is to engage the public and raise awareness of the chemical elements used in our everyday objects and to explore whether an emotional connection between people and high technology devices can be created through the making of contemporary jewellery objects. This creative work is being carried out by Maria Hanson an established Designer Maker and Reader in Metalwork and Jewellery at Sheffield Hallam University.

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